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Monday, May 31


What a day... About 20 hours ago I reluctantly woke up to begin my Sunday. By the time I got through my first (and only today) cup of Starbucks I was ready to fly.

Our worship gatherings went great today. It's always awesome to see so many new faces. What's even more awesome is when these "new" faces become "relaxed" faces and then watching people connecting to what's happening. We themed our services around Memorial Day and ran into some great video footage to use. We also had military presentations by retired veterens and an ROTC group. It all came together very well.

This afternoon we went to the annual Greek Festival in St. Charles. I was proud to introduce Ted and Kathryn to Greek food (gyros, kabobs, athenian chicken, baklava, pastitsio, etc...). Elise got her face painted and spent the day showing off her new "tattoo". (The pic is of the shoes worn by the traditional Greek dancers - children actually...)

While at the Greek Fest, we met a family who visited The Orchard for the second time today. They are an unchurched family who heard about our church from some friends. It was great meeting them and hearing about their background, etc...

So now I am going to bed. Tomorrow will be a big family shindig and then I'll be shooting out of town for a few days to work with the leadership team of a church in Minneapolis.