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Friday, May 28


Spent the morning and early afternoon yesterday at Willow Creek Community Church. In the morning, Greg Hawkins, Willow Creek’s Capital Campaign (CC) director gave a brief summary of Willow Creek’s 4 year CC. (A Capital Campaign is an effort to raise finances, involvement, etc… to pursue the goals/vision of a church.)

At the end of this year, WCC will be on track with raising $80 million dollars to cover the costs of massive ministry expansion and focus on additional unchurched groups here in the Chicago area and beyond.

Here are a few thoughts/ideas that I walked away with in his session:

The purpose of a CC is not just to “raise money” – it is all about funding a vision.

When launching a new initiative, give people plenty of opportunity to digest & ask questions.

The process that WCC used in their CC was:

1. Info – cast vision, answer questions, give people an opportunity to digest.
2. Spiritual Process – pray, ask God, “What do you want me to do?”
3. Commit – Ask people to commit whatever it is that they feel God wants them to do.

Our job is not to “convince” anyone to be involved – just cast vision and let God do His thing.

The role of the Senior Pastor is vital – this cannot be delegated.

Interesting observation: 71% of those who committed to their CC were involved in volunteerism at WCC (Willow Creek). Only 17% of those not involved in volunteering made commitments.

6800 famlies committed to the CC
8800 contributed

Don’t have a CC just to have one – have a purpose! (In response to the question, “When this is finished, will WCC have another CC? The answer was “no” – not for a while.)

To raise $80 million, it cost WCC roughly $1 million to cast vision, fund their CC. (Not a bad ratio!)

During a CC, all staff must make it #1 priority – even if that means accepting less than best during the CC (in their ministry areas).
(Next post: Bill Hybels leadership talk)