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Tuesday, June 8


I'm busy.

Isn't that everyone's story? I don't know of anyone who "isn't" busy. What I'm finding out right now in my own life is that busy-ness is not the same thing as productivity. Busy-ness drains me, productivity energizes me.

If being productive means being busy, than fine, I can hang with that. But being busy and not feeling like I'm moving forward is horrible. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom would give me a quarter to put in the horse machine at Venture and I would ride and ride and ride but never go anywhere. It feels good and is even fun at first, but then after a while you look around and think, "I'm not making any progress here."

So, I'm going to focus on productivity - not busy-ness.

Ok, I'm done preaching to myself.