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Thursday, June 17


At Fast Company Now, Fast Company magazine editor in chief, John A. Byrne, points out the mission statement of a Seattle advertisting agency, Sedgwick Rd.

Here it is:

Sedgwick Rd. is a journey. The scenary is always changing on Sedgwick Rd. There are no speed limits. There are no rest stops. There are not signposts. There is one continuous passing lane. On Sedgwick Rd. there's always another curve to hug. Another straightaway to take. Another hill to climb. And so on Sedgwick Rd. you'll find drivers who are nimble, and drivers who are powerful, and drivers who are smart. Because Sedgwick Rd. will let you go as fast and as far and as brilliantly as you believe you can go.

Sedgwick Rd. is a destination. Sedgwick Rd. is a brand new place with a history. It's an idea factory where plots are hatched to change the world. It's where art and commerce have joined forces to stew the cultural pot. Sedgwick Rd. is the home of powerful ideas. It's the forwarding address for innovation and initiative. It's where the desire to do something unheard of takes up residence. Sedwick Rd. is a place to find. It's a place to go to. It's a place to get a little work done.

Sedgwick Rd. is a journey and a destination. Sedgwick Rd. is a road that can take you anywhere. It's where creative and clout intersect. It's where quick and big move in the same direction. It's where you'll find the crossroads of intelligence and intuition, deliberation and daring, independence and connection. To get you where you want to go, take Sedgwick Rd.
Tell me that doesn't move you. If I were a business person looking for someone to market my product, reading this would excite me and improve my chances of choosing Sedgwick to help me out.

So question: How is your business/church/product inspiring people to give your message/product a shot?