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Wednesday, June 2


It's going great here in Minneapolis. Spent a few hours today with the staff from Christ Church International. They are a church in transition located in the inner city of Minneapolis. They are a multi-cultural church and staff. Our time together was awesome. We talked about church transition, reaching the unchurched of our communities, etc... These guys have an awesome heart to connect with their local community. Tonight I am speaking at their mid-week service. I'm going to share some thoughts that I shared a while back in a series we did at The Orchard called, "More Ready Than You Realize" based on the book by Brian McLaren.

We had a great lunch w/ a few of the staff today at Figlio in Uptown. Great place - an "old" favorite. (Can't do a blog post without talking about food, right?)

Gotta fly...

(Picture from left to right: Stephen Crawford, Darrell Geddes, Jamey Johnson, me, Peter Shu)