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Wednesday, June 2


After arriving in Minneapolis it didn’t take long for me to realize how much I miss this city. It’s a great town. As soon as I got here I shot over to the Starbucks on 54th & Lyndale to catch up the day's emails.

The south part of Minneapolis is a great area. Very neighborhood-ish feel to it. Several independent coffee shops, great restaurants, etc…

Connected w/ my friend Jamey Johnson tonight (he's the tough lookin' dude in the pics above). Had a great dinner at Pizza Luce – ordered the Baked Potato Pizza smothered in buttery garlic baby red mashed potatoes, topped with broccoli, fresh diced tomatoes, cheddar cheese & diced bacon served with a side of sour cream. CAN YOU TASTE IT?!?!? It was fantastic… And I am stuffed.

Tomorrow will be a busy day – meetings all day. I’m hoping to take a few nice pics of the city to post.

Stay tuned…