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Saturday, June 19

Weekend Observation

I just got back from Starbucks where I was doing some last minute prep for my message tomorrow and there was this woman and young son (maybe around 8 years old?) who stopped in to get a coffee.

They got their drinks and sat down fairly close to me and I noticed that the 8 year old kid was drinking 2 Starbuck Doubleshots. For those of you not familiar with what this is – it is an iced coffee that has 2 shots of espresso in it. It’s really good and a little strong, but not bad……FOR AN ADULT. An 8 year old kid? Wow.

Within 5 minutes both cans were consumed and within seconds this kid was wiggin’ out big time. He was jumping around in his seat, skipping around the store and clapping his hands. And his mother was getting really upset and telling him to relax.

I sat there in my chair thinking to myself, “Hello. 4 shots of espresso for an 8 year old kid?” That’s like me on 6 shots. You don’t want to see it!

What worries me here is that this woman seemed completely oblivious as to why her 8 year old was freaking out. She was upset at him. What’s wrong with that picture? Where is the responsibility on mom’s part?

Ok, before someone points out the plank in my eye I will be quiet.

Happy Saturday.