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Monday, June 28

Worst Job

What was the worst job you've ever had?

Mine was probably selling cars in the middle of winter in Minnesota. That was absolutely the worst thing imagineable.

For one, in the middle of winter we would literally go days without selling any cars. Plus, every time that it snowed we would have to get out on the car lot, sweep the snow off the cars (hundreds of cars I might add...), and then move the cars around while our manager stayed warm and listened to some good rock and roll in his heated plow truck.

By the end of the day we would be miserable. Wet from being outside, bodies aching, etc... And then we would finally go home and wake up the next day to another snow storm to again repeat it all over again. It was like a bad dream. And calling in sick to avoid the plow days? SIN. Mortal sin. I'm talking bobsled to hell sin.

And on top of all of that - we were making very little money.

What was your worst job? (Maybe your current one...?)