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Thursday, July 15

Apple Worship

Praise be to Apple.
I know, I know - and I'm not even an Apple user.  But everyday I become more and more impressed by their products, their company and their thinking.  
Case in point (in regards to their thinking...):  Jesse James Garrett, author of The Elements of User Experience, has written a great post on his blog about the Apple Store in San Fransisco and how Apple has used their stores to create a user experience unlike very many others in the retail sector. 
Garrett gives 6 lessons we can take from Apple's design of their stores.  They are:

  1. Create an experience, not an artifact.
  2. Honor context.
  3. Prioritize your messages.
  4. Institute consistency.
  5. Design for change.
  6. Don't forget the human element.

The entire post can be found here.