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Tuesday, July 13

Lobster Boy

I'm freakin' burnt.

I was floating around in the pool all day with tanning accelerator on. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

It was one of those burns where a few hours later you get the chills, etc... I was sitting in Starbucks tonight and I actually had to go outside to warm up because I was FREEZING in the air conditioned inside. TOTALLY unlike me. In fact, as I type this blog I can't even put my laptop on my lap because the heat from the computer is killing my legs. So I'm using a pillow.

No sympathy from my wife or daughter. They are both insisting that I could have avoided this. Yeah, whatever...but even if it were true, I could still use a little sympathy (ok fine, I could have avoided it, but I just wanted to take advantage of a day off in the sunshine...).

So, I am posting this here in hopes that someone may offer just a "tad" of sympathy to the Advil induced lobster boy who needs to go to bed now.