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Tuesday, July 20


Minneapolis is a great city.  I lived there for quite a few years - 9 years to be exact.  The city has a very metropolitan feel, a great skyline, great restaurants, culture (the arts are HUGE in Mpls.), and the people aren't half bad either.  Just kidding. 
The coffeehouse scene in the Twin Cities is excellent too.  Forget Starbucks.  There are indy shops all over the place.  My favorites: Espresso Royalle (downtown & dinkytown), Uncommon Grounds (a beautiful old home converted into a coffeehouse in Uptown) and Dunn Bros.  In fact, when I visited last month there were a bunch of new ones all over the place - more than I could visit in one trip. 
So this post is dedicated to Minneapolis and all of the fine people I know in that city.  Miss you guys a lot (even more than the city itself!). 
pictures: bridge crossing I-94 in Mpls & Cherry Spoon both @ Walker Arts Center