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Tuesday, July 20

Scott and Amanda's Day of Fun

I'm on a mini-vacation right now.  Spending some quality time w/ Amanda & Elise.  And more time with Amanda and Elise means more exciting moments in my day.

Like today.

We were driving down a very busy road (Rt. 59 in Naperville for you locals) and suddenly Amanda screamed at the top of her lungs and almost jumped out of her seat.  It startled me so bad that I jerked the steering wheel and almost went off of the road into the ditch. 

A spider had been crawling on her upper arm. 

I quickly swatted the spider off of her arm and it landed in the floorboard.  Amanda then demanded that I pull the car over and find the spider.  She is pregnant so I obeyed. 

We all got out of the car so that I could find the spider.  It was a daddy long leg (which interestingly enough isn't even really a spider).  After searching to and fro for several minutes, I finally found the ugly little guy under her seat.  I gave it a good whack with a DVD case from Blockbuster Video and I missed it.   It curled up and fell into a crack. 

Elise was scared to get back into the car so I lied to her and told her that I had found it and it was gone now.  (I know, I shouldn't lie to my child and I never do - but I felt special permission from God on this one...)


We were downtown Naperville getting ready to head home.  We got in the car and as I put the key into the ignition Elise screamed louder than Howard Dean on speed, "THERE'S A SPIDER ON MY LEG!!!!!!!!!!" and she just absolutely FREAKED OUT and continued screaming and crying.  As quick as I could, I reached into the back and got it off of her and this time I actually killed it (while calling it a very inappropriate name). 

After breathing through brown paper bags for a while, Amanda and Elise finally calmed down and we made it home.  We even managed to stay on the road.