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Tuesday, July 27

Tacos From Heaven

There is a taco place in Aurora that Ted and I frequent almost weekly that has the most unbelievable tacos either one of us have ever had.  JALISCO'S TACOS.  We always order the same thing: 4 hardshell chicken tacos (yes....each).  

Here's how they prepare these heavenly delights: they take the corn tortillas and fill them with shredded chicken and then deep fry the entire thing (with the chicken meat inside of it!).  It turns out absolutely unbelievable!  Then they finish it off by putting a slice of tomato on it along with a little bit of shredded lettuce and chihuahua cheese.  Then, to top it all off, they bring out a small bowl of limes to squeeze on the tacos as you eat them. 

Excuse me.....................

Sorry, I just had a mild heart attack. 

Here's the thing...  If I can choose how I die, I want it to be with one of these Godly tacos in my mouth.  I can see my tombstone now, "'Ol boy entered into the pearlies with a taco in his mouth."