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Monday, July 5


Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba have put together a new 50-page e-book entitled, Testify! How Remarkable Organizations are Creating Customer Evangelists.

And sorry all you up and coming Tulsa evangelists...this isn't about your type of evangelism, but it IS a term that businesses and corporations have borrowed from the "Christian" circles in the last few years.

McConnell and Huba's website says this about what makes a customer evangelist:

When customers are truly thrilled about their experience with your product or service, they can become outspoken "evangelists" for your company. This group of satisfied believers can be converted into a potent marketing force to grow your universe of customers.
Seems like the business world is becoming pretty aggresive in "evangelizing" their products and also in getting their customers to evangelize the world with the good news of their product.

How about the church? Have we fallen behind? Maybe we can learn something here... (Sad, but true.)

Click here for the free e-book.