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Thursday, July 8

Thursday Morning

ARGH... No matter how hard I try, I just need to face the fact that I am not a morning person. My eyes don't cooperate well in the morning - they want to keep closing all the time...

Check this out - search terms that brought people to my site in the last day or two:

Joss Stone Pics
Scott Hodge
How to hack a website
churches in new zealand
will ferrell afternoon delight
rob bell sermons
rob bell, mars hill bible church
ben wasserstein
hay bail
ideas for lao tattoo
poop on satan
chicago "mini pincher"
women of walmart (what the....???)
Interesting how people end up on my blog. I'm pretty sure that they are disappointed when they type in a search for "women of walmart" and instead find this post. Sorry...

Gotta run to a meeting. Later...