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Tuesday, July 27

What You Know

Have you ever noticed how often you get asked questions about things you really know nothing about and how seldom you get asked about things you really love to talk about?  

Author Anne Lamott says it much more eloquently:

" love it when people ask if they can pick your brain about something you happen to know a great deal about - or, as in my case, have a number of impassioned opinions on.  Say you happen to know a lot about knots, or penguins, or cheeses, and the right person asks you to tell him or her everything you know.  What a wonderful and rare experience.  Usually what happens in real life is that people ask you questions you can't remember the answer to, like what you came into the kitchen to get, or what happened on the Fourth of July in 1776, and you sit there thinking, "God, I knew that; it's right there on the tip of my tongue, let's see - Okay, wait, the Constitution?  No, wait, shit, I used to know..."  When you do actually know a bit about something, it is such a pleasure to be asked a lot of questions about it."