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Thursday, July 15

The Worst Part

The worst part of the Starbucks experience:

I go up, order my drink and then sit down to pretend I'm working until my drink is ready at which point the barista says (REALLY LOUD), "4 SHOT EASY ICED SKIM MOCHA WITH EXTRA ICE AND WHIP".

Suddenly everyone in the room looks up to find out which anal coffee drinker ordered such a thing.

My solution = wait a minute or two before going up to get it and hope that no one grabs it. By waiting, hopefully people will forget that they were looking for "complicated coffee drinker" and they are back tending to their laptops or conversations. Although, this plan can also backfire when the barista repeats the drink again, but even louder and with a little bit of frustration in their tone. Then, there's no way out of it.