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Tuesday, August 31

Learning to Thrive in Times of Change

"Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity.
It is what allows us to recover from change or hardship."

We all go through seasons of change and transition in our lives. When the change feels good or is clearly working directly in our favor, we tend to ride the wave positively. On the other hand, those "good" feelings aren't always there and uncertainly often times stares us right in the eyes.

It's smack dab in the middle of these transitional moments that we either grow stronger and more resilient or we begin a decline (sometimes rapidly) into a deep well where we lose our flexibility, our focus and tend to sink into a pit of self-pity and self-focus.

The Center for Creative Leadership lists 9 areas that will help us become more resilient in times of change and transition. Here they are:
  • Accept change. Change is constant and inevitable, and successful managers accept it rather than resist it.
  • Become a continuous learner. Learn new skills, gain new understanding and apply them during times of change.
  • Take charge. Embrace self-empowerment. (side note: I prefer God empowerment. It's better and He knows more than I do.)
  • Find your sense of purpose. A clear sense of purpose helps you to assess setbacks within the framework of a broader perspective.
  • Pay attention to self-identity. Form your identity apart from your job.
  • Cultivate relationships. Develop and nurture a broad network of personal and professional relationships.
  • Reflect. Reflection fosters learning, new perspectives and a degree of self-awareness that can enhance your resiliency.
  • Skill shift. Question your definition of yourself and your career. Reframe how you see your skills, talents and interests.
  • Re-think money. Resiliency is not tied to your net worth. Living beyond your means, or even to the very limit, undermines your flexibility in the face of change.

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