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Tuesday, August 3

Mind Your Beeswax

I just had a somewhat weird conversation w/ a barista here @ Sbux.

I was talking to a different barista about the difference between little girls and boys (Ok, that sounds weird...) and I made the statement, "I can't imagine being a single dad and trying to raise a young teenage girl at that stage of her life without the help of my wife." What I was referring to were the emotions and sensitivity of our daughters and how you have to treat them a bit different then you might a son. (This is all just casual conversation, I wasn't teaching a parenting seminar...)

I didn't mean anything weird by this but this other barista who had NOTHING to do with my conversation turned around and gave me a really DIRTY look and said, "Why's that???!! It's all just natural stuff, girls can't help it."

I didn't even know what to say. So I just turned to the other barista and said, "Make that 4 shots."

Back to work.