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Friday, August 27

My Life

Sometimes I feel conflicted as to how personal I want this blog to be. I have a couple hundred regulars who read my blog and out of all of those readers, I know maybe half of them. While I'm glad I have a lot of "visitors" on my site, it causes me to be hesitant as to how transparent and open I will be about personal things (i.e. family, personal struggles, etc...) On the other hand, I really, really value authenticity and personality and I want that to always be a part of my blog.

Plus, I know a bunch of you know me and my family really well, so I need to occasionally let everyone know what's going on. Maybe I'll start another blog up down the road that covers the more personal side of my life.

So with that said - here's an update:

As most of you know, Amanda is about to burst. September 15th she is due to give birth to our second daughter. And yes, we know it's going to be a girl. If the doctors are wrong, I can see now that our future son will have some issues. Kidding...

Elise (our first child who is 4 1/2 years old) is super excited and has been practicing being a big sister to her thousands (ok, about 10 or 15) dolls. She is getting pretty good at being bossy too. She is as sweet as ever and is looking forward to having her VERY OWN room in our new home (which interestingly enough is scheduled to be completed on Sept. 15th too...).

I am excited. It's weird because it hasn't seemed to hit home with me that in a matter of days we will have another little one in our lives. I'm not nervous like I was with Elise, and I assume that's because I know what to expect. Ready or not, I will be faced with the reality soon! And the truth is, I'm really looking forward to holding this little girl in my arms. So innocent... (For a while anyway...)

Thanks for the notes and phone calls everyone! Pretty soon this blog will be plastered with pictures of a small tiny human. (Sorry, can't disclose the name yet!)