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Saturday, August 7

Nine Keys to Good Leadership

I ran across a good article tonight written by David Campbell with the Center for Creative Leadership. In the article, David lists out some characteristics that are necessary to be a successful leader. Here is the cliff notes version:

1. Vision (farsighted, enterprising, persuasive, resourceful)
2. Management (dedicated, delegating, dependable, focused)
3. Empowerment (encouraging, mentoring, perceptive, supportive)
4. Diplomacy (tactful, trusted, well connected and culturally sensitive)
5. Feedback (good coaches, good teachers, candid and honest, good listener)
6. Entrepreneurialism (adverturesome, creative, durable, globally innovative)
7. Personal syle (credible, experienced, optimistic)
8. Personal energy (balanced, energetic, intentionally resilient)
9. Multicultural awareness (experienced at and comfortable with managing individuals and organizations across a wide range of geographic, demographic, and cultural borders.)

The entire article can be found here.