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Friday, August 6

Riding to LaGuardia

It's weird what memories pop into our minds for no reason at all. Tonight I was looking at something and I saw Chinese writing and it instantly took me back to November of 2003 where my buddy Abe and I were riding in a black Lincoln Town Car heading out of China Town in New York City to LaGaurdia Airport.

We were tired. We were somewhat sad watching the city fade slowly behind us. It was cold out. The car was bouncing up and down and the Chinese driver had his CB radio on extremely loud. Just as I was drifting off my cell phone rang. I answered it but couldn't hear the person on the other end very well. Abe could tell I was having trouble and he yelled up to the driver, "Turn your radio down please!" The driver replied, "What?" "TURN THE RADIO DOWN, HE'S TRYING TO TALK ON THE PHONE!" The radio went down - but not enough to make a difference. Next thing I knew we were at the airport and my exact thought was, "I can't believe how quickly we got here."

I miss NYC. What a great city. Visiting NYC is like being a kid set free in the best candy shop in town. One surprise after another. A cool building here, a funny looking person there. A quiet neighborhood 2 blocks that way. Hot pretzels on the streets...