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Tuesday, September 7

A Challenge From a Church Survivor

Renee Altson has recently written a book entitled, Stumbling Toward Faith. I haven't read it yet, but plan to - especially after reading her post on Andrew Jones' blog. She is doing a blog "tour" to promote her new book.

From her post on TallSkinnyKiwi:

"i believe that much of institutionalized christianity and its christian bubble culture has created a world that will inevitably leave us less human. the church has become a place that justifies its treatment of people with (in) the name of god. the church has a short tolerance for grief, for brokenness, but it has a timetable for treating it. the church has an instant answer, a heavenly prozac: the lord jesus himself."

"far too many people have experienced the kind of church that has been in my past. a judgmental, power-filled, women-squashing institution that has no room for life or messiness or grace. us church survivors are wandering the streets, seeking a place to feel at home. we are waiting for something new to present itself to us. we are wanting to find someplace where our stories can be heard."
Link (Renee's site)