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Monday, September 27

A Generous Orthodoxy

I've been reading Brian McLaren's new book, A Generous Orthodoxy and I initially considered using this post to write an open letter to Brian to thank him for really messing with my mind and my theology. But instead, I thought I would share a few of McLaren's thoughts that have really challenged my thinking in regards to the church (universal).

In speaking of embracing a more generous orthodoxy, he writes:

"...what we need is not new sectarian terminology or new jargon or a new elitist clique, but rather a humble rediscovery of the simple, mysterious way of Jesus that can be embraced across the whole Christian horizon (and beyond).

What we need is something lived, not just talked about or written about. The last thing we need is a new group of proud, super protestant, hyper puritan, ultra restorationist reformers who say, "Only we've got it right!" and thereby damn everybody else to the bin of five minutes ago and the bucket of below-average mediocrity."
(More to come...)