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Tuesday, September 21

Monday? Tuesday? Who Am I?

It's almost 1AM CST and I'm finding myself having to look at my calendar to figure out which day it is. I've slept about 8 hours since Saturday night. Thank God for caffeine and grace.

Everyone is doing really, really well. We moved on Friday and Saturday and had a baby on Sunday. Not bad 'eh? I feel like I've invaded someone else's life and I'm trying to figure out who I am. But - it's all good.

I will be posting some more pics on Tuesday (hopefully...), so stay tuned.

BTW - Amanda is doing great! She is a freakin' trooper QUEEN. Julia is adorable. She is a tiny little peanut who cries like a little goat. So, so cute...

That's it for now - I'm off to bed. Shooting for some sleep tonight.


PS - Thanks everyone for the kind comments, emails, etc... Times like these remind me of how many awesome people my life is surrounded by.