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Tuesday, September 7

The Other Side of Transition

Transition isn't easy. It's been a little over 2 years since we began an intensive rejuvination effort at our church. It was hard. We lost a lot of great people, we took a major hit financially and it was a lot of hard and stressful work. But we were determined that it was the right thing to do and tried to remain resiliently focused on our mission.

Now, 2 years later, we are regularly seeing the "fruit" of our labors. We're still learning, still changing, still transitioning - but it finally feels like we are on the other side of transition.

Seldom does a week go by when we don't get an email, letter or phone call from someone telling us how their life has been positively impacted by what's happening here at The Orchard. These are the mental and spiritual caffeine shots that seem to come around right when we need them. These are those moments when we just stand back and say, "It must be God."

I got this email Sunday night from a woman who recently began attending our church:

I want to thank you for the changes that have occurred at OVCC. If you hadn't made those changes I would not be a Christ follower today. How you described OVCC before the changes totally describes the church I was a member of for 15 years. The sad part, I never got it. I desperately wanted what everyone was talking about & feeling but I just couldn't get it. I mean no disrespect to my previous church or Pastor (who I deeply respected) but for whatever reason, it wasn't coming to me.

A year later, I have found what I have been searching for. I have accepted Jesus in my life & my life has been changed. I feel part of this family at OVCC. I have learned more about Jesus in the past year than I had in the years at my previous church. I have learned more about myself & who I want to be.
Another shot in the arm. Another celebration worthy story...