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Wednesday, September 29

Why leadership is important to me...

I shared this at our staff team meeting today. Thought I would share it with all of you...

Why Leadership Is Important To Me

1. Because I feel "called" to be a leader.

There is nothing I can do to get away from this call. No matter how often I day dream about working just a normal 9-5 job, or doing something with less pressure, I cannot escape the call that I have to identify and raise up leaders.

It’s this call that keeps me up at night. It’s the call of leadership that takes away sleep and keeps me from becoming a couch potato. It makes me tired, it drains me – yet it energizes me more than anything in this world.

2. Because I can’t do it alone.

I’m not that good. Besides, who really has ever done anything of lasting value alone?

3. Because there is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone else positively impact another person's life.

Nothing brings greater fulfillment than impacting someone else's life in a positive way. When someone does that – it energizes me because I know a) how they feel doing it and b) how the person who was impacted feels.

4. Because with enough great leaders, the Church (everywhere) can transform our emerging culture.

Either we believe that or we don’t. Let’s admit it if we don’t and let’s proclaim it if we do. Better yet – let’s not just proclaim it, let’s dedicate ourselves to it.

5. Because it has changed my life.

God has used leaders to impact my life. Teachers, friends, family, bosses, pastors – who all found a way to exercise influence over me – which in turn makes them leaders.

6. Because I’ve seen “bad” leadership and there isn’t anything worse than that.

As many “great” leaders as I’ve seen – I’ve probably seen double the amount of “bad” leaders and there is nothing worse than working for the “bad” leaders. They disrespect, abuse and kill the creative talent that God has placed in our hearts.

7. Because people need to be led.

Let me rephrase that – people “want” to be led. They need it and want it. And there is no shortage of followers.

8. Because...I have no idea.

This might be the “calling” thing. But I just can’t figure out why I believe in and desire to make leadership my top priority in my life – in my family, in my job, in my relationships with my friends.

What are you passionate about? Why?