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Tuesday, November 16

Eating it up...

Today I received the December issue of Fast Company magazine and without even opening it up I became excited by the words, "THE CREATIVITY ISSUE" on the cover.

And so being the A.D.D. inflicted, caffeine addicted, still under 31 year old that I am, I'm sitting here asking myself what it is about the word "creativity" that revs my engine?

I guess I can think of a time in my life when I didn't believe that I was creative. I didn't like myself much and felt that I was getting into a rut. But then I realized something phenomenal - EVERY human has within them creative ability. Given, some have more than others, but I honestly believe that every human has the capacity to be creative to some degree or another.

Not to turn too "evangelistic" here, but I do believe in the Biblical truth that mankind has been created in the image of the ULTIMATE CREATOR - God. Who can match God's creativity? I think no one. And if someone claims to be able to match it, they will probably end up crawling around on the ground like a snake. (Ok, enough theology...).

Anyway - my point being - YOU and I have the ability and mind to be creative. It doesn't matter that you sit here and read this and think, "No, not me."

Yes you do!

Perhaps it has somehow gotten clogged up on the inside of you. Try drinking some draino (KIDDING).

I think it might help to just start with admitting that perhaps there is a little bit of creativity on the inside of each of us - especially if there really is a God and on top of that - the possibility that we really have been created in His image.

Create - Innovate - Dream

Good words...