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Monday, November 8

Tombstone Shopping

This weekend we went tombstone shopping. Well, I guess that's not the "official" or best term to use - so I will say "monument" shopping. (Ok, that sounds better...)

Anyway - let me get straight to the point and say that I am totally blown away by the 1) incompetence 2) insensitivity 3) lack of knowledge 4) outright rudeness 5) inconsistency and 6) laziness of most of the "sales" people we have encountered while shopping.

What the heck? How can anything BUT top notch customer service be a priority for people in this business? It's not like we're buying a pair of khakis from the GAP - although, that would be a much easier decision and task I might add.

Unless I'm a complete moron and different from everyone else in this world, the majority of people purchasing a monument are already very emotionally sensitive and in great need of someone who will take the time to patiently and sensibly communicate with them.

I'm not sure if this is just a job that nobody wants so they end up hiring people who don't really give a RIP (no pun intended...) or if these people just really don't know how to be sensitive. Either way, it's a real problem and so disappointing.

And hopefully, as our search continues, we will find someone who is simply willing to take the time to help us with our decision. And when we find him or her - they will earn our business.

Some things are just so simple...