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Tuesday, January 11

Chantico Review

Ok, so I tried it. The fine folks at Starbucks whipped me up a sample of the newest Starbucks beverage called Chantico.

The verdict? Good. It really is. The blend of chocolate is perfect. It's not overly sweet, but it is rich. (I'm almost positive that I'm the only person sitting in Starbucks right now swooshing Chantico around in my mouth like I'm at a wine tasting...)

It's thick too. Not the type of drink you would gulp, by any means. It's more a sip and meditate type drink. Definitely much thicker than a typical Starbucks mocha, plus without the espresso taste. (This is perfect for all of you Starbucks posers who walk up to the barista and ask, "What drinks do you have that don't taste like coffee?")

I haven't had lunch yet today, but I would imagine this would be a nice dessert drink to sooth the chocolate cravings that people like my wife experience - all day. (Kidding honey...)

Overall, it's good. A very rich hot chocolate.

Now I'm going to go wash it down with a burrito from Chipotle.