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Thursday, February 17

Leadership Popularity

"Leadership is not a popularity contest."

I heard someone say this today.

Maybe there just needs to be a "rule" when it comes to leadership: If you want to be popular and well liked by everyone, DON'T be a leader!

If you want to be a great leader; you have to have the guts, the chutzpah, the "you-know-what's" to make some tough calls.

It's all about looking at the greater good of the organization or group that you are leading when you make decisions. Pray. Seek counsel. But go with your gut and make the necessary decisions.

Unfortunately, sometimes those calls aren't always seen as "good" or "smart" decisions by others.

So what do you do? Do you avoid making the tough calls to keep everyone happy and comfortable?

Heck no. No. way. in. heck.

The ones who are unhappy with your decisions aren't the ones who were called/summoned/hired/chosen to lead what you are leading. And if you believe, as I do, that leadership is something you are called to do, then when the day comes for you to report to the One who "called" you, guess who they will be interested in hearing from? YOU - not all of the people who were upset with your decision.

Perhaps part of the problem with those who don't want to make the tough calls is disillusionment.

People see the "surface" benefits of being a leader and think that leadership is a bed of roses or "glamorous." Call me crazy or nuts, but I've been in leadership roles all my life - as a volunteer and professionally and I have yet to feel the "glamour." (Laughing right now...)

So, I speak to myself and to all of the leaders reading this: DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO. Don't buckle under pressure. Don't expect to be liked by everyone. And lead with resolve and confidence.