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Monday, March 14

Banner Contest!

Ok - it's a first.

A "Scott Hodge Blog" contest.

As you know, I'm relaunching my site via TypePad very soon. But... I need a customized banner to run across the top of my site. I've created a couple that look pretty good, but I know that some of YOU - my readers - could create one that would blow the socks off of mine.

So, here's the contest.

YOU design a banner for my site. For free. If I select yours, I will give you a special link on my site. I will also buy you dinner if I'm ever in the area you live at.

Yes, it's mostly a good deal for me. But it will also be a good deal for you if you happen to like Long John Silvers. (kidding of course...)

Here's what I'm looking for - something professional but fun. Since I live outside of Chicago, I would love something that is somewhat urban in design. On the banner itself, it should simply say this: "". (Unless you can think of a great tagline too...)

Email me your banners to scotthodge (at) gmail (dot) com no later than Monday, March 21st (one week from today.)

But beware... I'm one of those picky, anal people when it comes to design/fonts/graphics.

Let the challenge begin!