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Sunday, March 6

Next Step

What a day... It's the "holy hangover" times two.

Today, I, along with Amanda, accepted the role of Lead Pastor of our church - Orchard Valley Community Church (a.k.a. "The Orchard) here in Aurora, Illinois (outside of Chicago.)

This is the same church that my father pastored for 27 years until his sudden passing this past October. Three years ago, Amanda and I joined his staff to help lead the church through a "turnaround" journey. We committed to be there for six month. Ha.

I've been asked by a lot of people if we are "excited" by this change. That's a tough question - because in one sense we are honored, thrilled, blown away and just plain tripped out that we are here, leading this incredible church. In another sense, it's one more "event" in our lives that confirms the fact that my best friend, mentor and dad is truly gone. (Can you say roller coaster of emotions?)

But, nonetheless, God has a plan and we are humbled by the fact that He has found us worthy to lead this awesome, awesome, awesome community of Jesus followers, spiritual seekers and everything in between.

Definitely a WOW GOD moment in our lives.