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Monday, February 14

Where do you work?

I work primarily in three places: Work office, Home office & Starbucks.

My “gear” is very mobile, so I can work pretty much anywhere that I have an Internet connection. (If you wonder what I carry with me, check out this post from 8/4/04).

My church office is a comfortable environment where I am able to hone in on projects, meet with staff and others, etc… It is my “zone” for ministry strategizing, phone calls and the daily “stuff”. I spend most Tuesday mornings, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday afternoons in this office (or in our meeting/conference room in front of a HUGE whiteboard). When it comes to studying, it’s not the best place to work – primarily because of interruptions that occur (There’s just no way around this...)

At my church office, I am connected to the Internet via a wireless T-1 connection. I have a killer Harman/Kardon speaker system (including subwoofer) that I plug into my computer (I have the same setup at my home office.) It’s obvious to everyone when I’m at the office. (Sorry guys…!)

My home office is a great space for me to work. It’s an actual “office”, so it’s an environment that makes it easy to get down to business if need be or to just sit back and read a book. I also run wireless Internet via a cable modem in my home.

Amanda just recently gave my office an extreme makeover, so it has a great feel. I love working at home – especially if I’m just returning emails or working on monotonous stuff because I love being around my gals! Plus, the Herman Miller Aeron chair (thanks to you know who...) makes it a good sittin’ spot.

My “3rd” place to work is Starbucks. Are you surprised? There are about a zillion Starbucks within 20 minutes of my office/home. I am a T-Mobile Hotspot user, so I can jump online at any Starbucks location in the Chicago area or nationwide when I travel. For me, Starbucks is a great place to get my creative juices flowing. The energy, the music, the people and the environment are all stellar. Plus the coffee isn’t too bad either...

Thursdays are my “study” day. It’s my day to break away from the familiarity of all three of my regular spots. On any given Thursday, I’ll be sitting in a tea shop in Chinatown preparing a message or sitting in a coffeeshop in Wicker Park seeking God and asking him to help keep my focus in the right place. There’s something really, really healthy for me about getting away from familiar environments. Give it a try sometime…

How about you? Where do you work?